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Regulatory Change Management

  • Watch this short video to find out how we can help improve your organization’s regulatory change management system through sourced content, automated workflow, rules mapping and more.


    A strong compliance program is supported by seven pillars.

    Each plays an important role but one thing is certain:

    Whether you come from the world of securities, insurance, or banking, the global nature of Regulatory Change Management is critical, complex, and sometimes contradictory.

    And it’s probably the area where you spend the most time, monitoring the websites of regulators, gathering that information into spreadsheets, and staying on top of every communication.

    Leaving you less time for evaluating, planning, and reporting.

    You need proven, intelligent technology to help improve your present workflow and assist in scaling your business.

    You need Wolters Kluwer’s proven regulatory content and technology.

    Our constantly growing library of structured, global content means that you will find what you need easily and spend less time scouring a multitude of websites and documents for critical regulatory changes.

    By automating this process, you’ll save time and be able to concentrate on analyzing changes, creating action plans, and reporting.

    The ease of communicating through the system, and the use of testing and reporting modules, provides the transparency and insights your organization needs to respond quickly. We help streamline your overall compliance program to help prevent regulatory and organizational risk.

    Strengthen the pillars of your program today.

    With Compliance Program Management solutions from Wolters Kluwer.