GainsKeeper® for Individual Investors and Active Traders
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GainsKeeper® – Powering investors to better results

  • GainsKeeper arms individual investors and active traders with a suite of automated 'tax smart' trading tools that help maximize after-tax returns.

    GainsKeeper calculates, tracks and reports corporate actions, cost basis, capital gains & losses and wash sales. Plus, GainsKeeper generates the IRS Schedule D and IRS Form 8949 and reports on broad-based section 1256 (Form 6781) options. Active traders, including those with mark-to-market election, can generate Income/Loss reports supplementing IRS Form 4797. Savvy investors can also leverage GainsKeeper's sophisticated tools for year-round tax loss harvesting to help offset gains' taxes.

    GainsKeeper customers also have access to an expert customer support team with in-depth tax subject matter expertise.

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