CISR™ 8937—Issuer Statement Reporting Service
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CISR™ 8937-Issuer Statement Reporting Service

  • One source for publicly available IRS Form 8937 issuer statements & Return of Capital details

    All IRS Form 8937 issuer statements in one place

    The cost basis reporting law requires brokers to take into account all information provided in an applicable IRS Form 8937 when reporting the sale or transfer of a covered security. Every year issuers file thousands of Forms 8937. Yet finding and analyzing all relevant issuer statements can be time-consuming, tedious and error prone. 

    CISR™  8937 centralizes coverage of publicly available IRS Form 8937 issuer statements. As a workflow tool, CISR™  8937 provides fielded corporate action, security and taxability details and links to the original Form 8937-saving time and reducing resource burdens.

    Complete source for Return of Capital (ROC)

    The Internal Revenue Code requires issuers to report return of capital (ROC) details on IRS Form 8937.  Because CISR™  8937 provides comprehensive coverage of these issuer statements, it also provide complete coverage of essential ROC tax reporting details. 

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    CISR™ 8937 … At A Glance

    • One source for all publicly available issuer statements
    • Complete source for ROC tax reporting details
    • Key tax and operational data fielded and exportable
    • Links to the original issuer statement
    • Links to the Capital Changes analysis

    Learn more about the cost basis reporting law.