FATCA Compliance for Grandfathered Debt Automated with (GFD) Solution
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FATCA Compliance GFD–Grandfathered Debt Solution

  • Automate monitoring the grandfathered status of your debt securities for FATCA Compliance

    A critical element of FATCA compliance is assessing if grandfathered debt securities lose their exempt status as a result of material modifications. FATCA GFD—our FATCA grandfathered debt service, automates targeted coverage of the tax consequences of corporate actions that affect your debt securities of interest (SOI) and assesses whether your debt instruments have lost their FATCA withholding exemption status due to a material modification.

    This service combines the deep corporate actions expertise of our dedicated Capital Changes team with the efficiency of our proven GainsKeeper® technology—the solution of choice at blue chip brokerages for cost basis reporting compliance. for [cost basis tax reporting.

    FATCA Compliance GFD...At-A-Glance 

    • Specify & upload your debt Securities of Interest (SOI) into the system
    • Generate daily XML data files to upload into your portfolio accounting and other downstream systems
    • Export grandfathered status information into custom reports for processing and validating FATCA Compliance