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Document and Mailing Services When You Need Them

  • From printing and assembling to managing and distributing, your documents can be processed through us, saving you time and headaches!

    We Offer Three Types of Mailings:

    1. Content Driven - Such as privacy mailings with an outside envelope addressed, but all consumers receive the same content. 
    2. Client Driven - Such as a Reg E mailing where consumers receive a client specific (individualized) notice that may include an individualized account identifier. 
    3. Client Driven with a Response Requirement - An example being a Reg E mailing where consumers opt-in or opt-out and send responses back via a postage paid business reply envelope that is included or a courtesy reply where the consumer would affix their postage to an envelope that is included.

    Allowing us to do your mailing allows you to free up staff, stay flexible, and keep the priority on the client during regulatory changes and during the busy banking seasons.

    Starting the service is easy, all you need are the following items:

    • Type of product you are mailing (Example: Letter vs AIB booklet) 
    • Quantity of the mailing along with data file 
    • Postage priority (First Class, Standard, etc.)

    The cost of the mailing service varies based on the mailing service features you desire.

    Let’s get started - contact us for pricing details and to alleviate your mailing headaches!