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Ensure data integrity with comprehensive reporting

  • The HMDA Wiz® Map module provides users with a web-based map utility that is integrated directly into HMDA Wiz. As soon you create a data file (including the HMDA CFPB submission file) within the system and geocode it, the solution is eligible to be mapped within the Map module. Additionally, you will have the ability to create and save geographic areas, such as a CRA Assessment Area, to view on the map. The Map module also includes over 100 demographic and performance indicating data sets that can be mapped alongside data files within your institutions desired area of analysis, including but not limited to: 

    • Federal designations: CRA/NMTC eligibility, NSP Foreclosure Need Score, CDFI Priority Areas.
    • Income: Household, Family, and Area Median incomes; Poverty levels.
    • Lending Data: Mortgage and Small Business lending data, segmented by race where available.
    • Housing Statistics: Home values, housing stock, homeownership rates, and vacant residential properties.
    • Demographics: Population, Families, Race, Ethnicity, Age, and Gender.
    The HMDA Wiz Map capabilities
    • HMDA Wiz Map provides financial institutions with a very powerful tool for spatial analysis at a time when federal regulators are placing increasing emphasis on data integrity and more comprehensive reporting. The following examples are just a small sampling of the spatial analysis that can be performed with the HMDA Wiz Map: {more}
    • Display the distribution of demographic data for census tracts within a desired geographic area or CRA Assessment Area.
    • Plot the spatial distribution of their lending activity both inside and outside a desired geographic area or CRA Assessment Area.
    • Create maps that include both the institution's lending activity and demographic data such as Income as % MSA Median, which would allow the institution to demonstrate their performance in Low and Moderate census tracts.
    • Demonstration lending performance with in their lending area or CRA Assessment Area as compared to that of their peers.