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Cut cost and risk while maintaining total fair lending compliance

  • Without a comprehensive fair-lending monitoring program, you're at risk for civil penalties, fines and devastating damage to your institution's reputation. Minimizing your risk takes continuous review, analysis and reporting. You can't afford to overlook a single loan, but manual review is labor-intensive and prohibitively expensive.

    Fair Lending Wiz is a complete and automated fair lending management solution from Wolters Kluwer. The software is designed to provide robust analysis that allows you to easily identify potential risk and immediately take corrective action to remedy unfair lending practices. Plus, you can keep programs in compliance and build a robust preventative program.

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    Fair Lending Wiz analyzes, verifies and documents your institution's compliance with all fair lending regulations. Since the solution requires fewer people to handle a greater volume of lending, it positions your institution for growth.

    Fair Lending Wiz lets you:

    Easily identify potential risk and immediately remedy unfair lending practices. It automatically performs a full range of risk assessment tasks, so you can devote your resources to developing corrective action.

    • Cut the cost of collecting and reporting fair lending data.
    • Perform a full range of risk assessment, matched pair testing, regression analysis and reporting.
    • Reduce the chances of missing individuals or groups whose loan applications have been mishandled.
    • Improve the value of your portfolio by eliminating or prompting correction of risky loans.
    • Perform complex statistical regression without costly consultants and statisticians.
    • Eliminate the tedious task of sifting through loans by hand in the hope of identifying applicants who may have been mistreated
    Fair Lending Wiz's modules
    • Comparative File Review Module lets you quickly find similar applicants who were treated differently.
    • Regression Analysis Module lets non-programmers create accurate credit models.

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