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Services and Solutions for a Fair and Responsible Lending Program

  • Managing fair lending compliance across your entire financial organization is a daunting task. It requires thorough monitoring of diverse loan portfolios and third-party loan originators for CRA, HMDA, ECOA and FHA violations. Unless you have a comprehensive fair lending program in place, you are risking serious consequences.

    Some of the potential pitfalls your organization could face include pre-decision pricing, error correction, post-closing loan problems, funding decisions, problem brokers and compliance monitoring. Managing these risks requires continuous review, analysis and reporting. Failure can lead to penalties, fines and irreparable damage to your institution's reputation.

    Build a Fair Lending Program to Avoid Risks Such As Redlining

    Wolters Kluwer Fair Lending offers industry-leading technology and consulting services to help your team manage, monitor and mitigate exposure to fair lending risk such as redlining. Engage our consultants for a Compliance Management System (CMS) review, a fair lending risk assessment or exam preparation assistance. Learn more about our consulting services. No matter the size of your institution, engage our consultants and implement our solutions to help identify potential risk and take corrective action to remedy potentially unfair lending practices.

    Fair Lending compliance management and controls solutions ensure comprehensive compliance to your institution

    Fair Lending Wiz® A software solution that allows you to easily identify potential fair lending risks and immediately remedy unfair lending practices. It automatically performs a full range of risk assessment tasks, so you can devote your resources to developing corrective action instead of looking for elusive problems. Learn More.

    Fair Lending Wiz® Compliance Dashboards- A reporting solution, you get a comprehensive, at-a-glance perspective of your CRA and Fair Lending performance. Learn More.