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Reduce Costs of Demonstrating Community Reinvestment Act Compliance

  • Use CRA Wiz to reduce your CRA compliance costs by as much as 80%

    CRA regulations have different reporting requirements for different institutions. Examiners from any one of six regulatory groups can evaluate your CRA performance based on slightly different criteria depending on your size and market. You need a Community Reinvestment Act compliance solution that is custom tailored to your particular situation.

    CRA Wiz® from Wolters Kluwer applies a wide range of fully customizable automation technologies to your CRA reporting process-from guaranteed accurate geocoding to flexible reporting to intelligent analysis. It is specially designed to speed up your preparation of data for CRA reviews, scrubs and corrects data and reports the results.

    CRA Wiz is designed to give you a total CRA compliance program that fits your institution's services and market. Evaluate lending activity using reporting and mapping with CRA Wiz to identify potential redlining risk. You can compare your performance with your peers, mine data to identify underserved markets, and uncover new lending opportunities.

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    CRA Wiz lets you:
    • Accurately prepare and submit data. It  includes compliance-grade geocoding, editing, assessment area delineation and all the necessary submission tools to comply with CRA reporting requirements.
    • Be organized for your next CRA exam. It provides you with the necessary data sets and reporting tools to anticipate examiner findings and satisfy performance requirements.
    • Create custom reports to help communicate CRA activity. It gives you executive reports and maps for maximum flexibility in report generation and process automation.
    • Do real-time auditing.  Browser-based data entry and editing provide real-time updating of all your CRA data. The solution includes more than a hundred pre-programmed reports to help you analyze, monitor and audit performance.
    CRA Wiz modules
    • Data Prep Module provides functionality that allows Importing, editing and preparing data for submission.
    • Analysis Module provides access to various analysis reports using out of the box templates.
    • Geocoder standardizes and geocodes address data.