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CRA Exam Management Starts with Accurate CRA and HMDA Data

  • CRA compliance has become a major undertaking in recent years. It consumes hours of staff time and management attention. Self-assessment areas must be correctly defined. Data must also be accurately geocoded. Lastly, the data must be properly organized and reported for your examiners. How well you do it can impact the outcome.

    Several factors may work against you. Firstly, it is difficult to know how your lending performance will look to examiners during your CRA exam. Secondly, you may not even have the necessary information to demonstrate your institution's real performance level. To demonstrate efforts to serve your community and earn CRA credit, you need to be fully prepared and organized- and how well you do it can impact your overall outcome.

    Enhance CRA and HMDA reporting for internal stakeholders, regulators and CRA exam management

    Wolters Kluwer CRA and HMDA solutions allow you to proactively implement process and controls. With technology, outsourcing, consulting or a combination of all three, you can build a cost effective CRA and HMDA program that matches the strategic plan of your financial institution, ensures lending throughout the community, demonstrates activities for evaluation of Community Reinvestment Act credits, and meets regulatory expectations and meets regulatory expectations.

    Demonstrate effectiveness of CRA and HMDA compliance controls during your next CRA exam

    CRA Wiz® - An automated compliance software solution that speeds the preparation of data for CRA reviews that scrubs and corrects data, and reports and tracks the results, allowing you to take full charge of the review process. Learn More.

    CRA Wiz® Compliance Dashboards - A reporting solution, you get a comprehensive, at-a-glance perspective of your CRA and Fair Lending performance. Learn More.

    HMDA compliance software

    • HMDA Wiz® - The solution automates your collection, verification and certification of HMDA data without increasing loan processing time or the need to retrain staff. This eliminates endless hours of time required for manual data clean up. Learn More.
    • HMDA Wiz® Map - The solution is designed with industry-leading HMDA management capability and submission best practices in a hosted solution, helping you get started immediately. Learn More.