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Stay compliant and protect your institution from predatory lending

  • Anti-predatory lending compliance is more difficult than ever. You need a program that is efficient and comprehensive enough to monitor diverse portfolios and third-party loan originators to prevent fraud. In addition, your task is exacerbated by ever-changing, and increasingly complex federal, state and municipal regulations. Coping with this tangled web of legislation is a formidable task for your financial institution.

    You have simply too much at stake to risk non-compliance:

    • Every loan in production or in a pool of closed loans must comply with all applicable anti-predatory lending laws.
    • Lenders with diverse portfolios must contend with additional risk posed by third party originators like mortgage brokers.

    Non-compliance leaves your institution liable for statutory and punitive damages plus license non-renewal. You can even be personally liable for civil penalties.

    Increase productivity while lowering compliance costs

    Wolters Kluwer Anti-Predatory Lending solution offers you a fully customized compliance program that protects you from predatory lending risk.

    Our consulting services can help you customize the solution to compliment your institution's management practices and internal resources. We can provide you with the expertise you need to become fully compliant with all anti-predatory lending laws and regulations.

    Anti-predatory lending compliance management solution ensures overall protection to your institution

    Wiz Sentinel™ automatically reviews every loan against anti-predatory lending laws to make sure that all loans are compliant prior to funding. Since it's fully automated, the solution increases your productivity and lowers overall compliance costs. Learn More