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Compliance Analytics Solutions

Wolters Kluwer understands the intricacies of internal operational structures, the demands of regulatory oversight, and the importance of data integrity. Our Wiz® compliance products can be leveraged throughout the lending cycle to help organizations remain compliant with stringent regulatory and internal standards.

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A Strong Compliance Culture Starts with a CMS Review

(Published May 31, 2019) Compliance and fintech expert, Barbara Boccia, reviews the essentials of having a solid compliance management system when implementing fintech.

What Compliance Changes Will 2019 Bring?

(Published January 2019) In a period of ever-evolving regulatory change, financial institutions are keenly focused on identifying their regulatory compliance and risk management priorities in 2019. In this IB Magazine cover article, Wolters Kluwer's Barbara Boccia offers insights on which areas firms should consider marshaling their resources for effective compliance.

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HMDA regulatory insights and resources to help you prepare for one of the most significant regulatory changes the industry has faced in 35 years.

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