Understanding the HMDA Guidance
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  • HMDA Rule Requires Lenders to Display New Poster Beginning January 1, 2018

    Understanding the Guidance

    Effective January 1, 2018, Sections 1003.5(b), (c), and (e) of Regulation C (12 CFR §1003.5) requires Financial Institutions (as defined by HMDA) to display a poster in the lobby of its (1) home office; and (2) each branch located in each MSA and Metropolitan District, AND to provide a written notice to the public upon request.

    We can help you!

    Wolters Kluwer has three products ready to meet this regulatory need and include the CFPB’s suggested poster and notice content.

    1. The new HMDA poster (VMP556P)
    2. A preprint of the new HMDA notice (VMP556N)
    3. A kit that includes the new HMDA poster (1) with an attached “take-one” pad of the notice (2) that the public can pull off one at a time. An example is shown in the below image. (HMDA-TO and HMDA-TOA)

    HMDA Poster

    The poster may be imprinted with the Financial Institution’s name and other identifying information, such as a colored logo.

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