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HMDA Resources: Beyond the HMDA Getting it Right Guide

  • Resources for HMDA CFPB Submission Preparation…and Beyond!

    We recognize that the HMDA regulatory expansion is one of the most significant regulatory changes the industry has faced in 35 years. We are here to help you comply and get prepared for your HMDA CFPB submission. Whether our consultants can help you fill gaps before or after your CRA exam, or you need a technology solution to help manage your data, not to mention the new HMDA posters – let us know where we can help your team!

    Consulting Services to Prepare and Demonstrate Compliance

    With backgrounds as regulators, bankers and compliance professionals, our consultants have the experience and expertise to review your HMDA management program, identify areas of vulnerability, assess risks and recommend compliance strategies. Engage our consultants for the following:

    • HMDA Compliance Management System (CMS) Development
    • Policy and Procedure Development
    • Staff and Board Training
    • HMDA Submission Services
    • HMDA Data Quality Analysis and Submission File Creation
    • HMDA Data Scrubs
    • HMDA Risk Assessment
    • Fair Lending Risk Assessment with Expanded HMDA Data
    • Exam Preparation and Remediatiom

    Engage our consultants

    Technology Solutions to Automate HMDA Data Management

    The Wiz® technology suite will help you collect, edit, analyze and submit your data.

    Implement a solution for HMDA management

    HMDA Mandated Lobby Posters

    HMDA Rule requires covered institutions to display a poster beginning January 1, 2018 in the lobby of their (1) home office; and (2) each branch located in each MSA and Metropolitan District, and to provide a written notice to the public upon request. To order your poster, click here.