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Our History

  • 1836—Jan Berend Wolters opens shop as a bookseller in Groningen, the Netherlands, and soon begins publishing books. Various mergers with well-known publishing companies such as Noordhoff, Samsom, and Sijthoff follow and lead to the formation of Wolters Samsom Group.

    1889—Aebele Everts Kluwer begins a one-person business that will develop into an international publishing company 100 years later.

    1913CCH®, Inc. forms, setting the stage for Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ leading CCH Capital Changes and CCH Wall Street solutions for the securities industry.

    1917Uniform Information Services, Inc. is founded. The company will later become part of Wolters Kluwer and a driving force behind Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ leading solutions for compliance professionals in the insurance industry.

    1928CCH Capital Changes is created and becomes the securities industry’s premier source for current corporate action reporting.

    1941CCH Wall Street forms, providing the securities industry a comprehensive source of authoritative regulatory news and analysis.

    1947NILS Publishing is formed. Like Uniform, the company will later become part of Wolters Kluwer and a driving force behind Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ leading solutions for compliance professionals in the insurance industry.

    1952Bankers Systems, Inc. is founded and will later drive the industry leading compliance content behind many of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ solutions and services for the banking industry.

    1969Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) is passed by U.S. Congress, opening the floodgates of the numerous banking regulations that will follow the next several decades. TILA begins Bankers Systems’ (eventually Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’) mission to help make regulatory compliance more convenient for financial organizations through the use of the company’s pre-printed forms, technology and services.

    1987Wolters Samsom Group and Kluwer merge to become Wolters Kluwer, a leading global information services and publishing company focused on a broad spectrum of markets that included health, tax, accounting, corporate, financial services, legal and regulatory and education.

    1999Wolters Kluwer acquires Bankers Systems.

    2000GainsKeeper® is launched, offering sophisticated tax lot accounting tools to the investment community.

    2000—The first AuthenticWeb™ module, AuthenticWeb for State Filing, is launched. The product is the first in what will become a family of web-based tools created to address the specific regulatory needs of key workflow areas in insurance operations.

    2001Bankers Systems, now a Wolters Kluwer company, acquires VMP® Mortgage Solutions, a leading provider of forms and technology solutions to the mortgage industry, and TSoft Financial Software, a maker of automated solutions for Small Business Administration (SBA) lending.

    2002Wolters Kluwer North America acquires GainsKeeper.

    2003Bankers Systems acquires Atchley Systems, Inc., which provides a comprehensive suite of anti-money laundering tools to top-tier lenders in the U.S.

    2005Bankers Systems acquires PCi Corporation, the leading provider of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and fair lending tools to the financial services marketplace.

    2005Bankers Systems acquires Entyre, a leading provider of web-based solutions for the mortgage industry.

    2005Wolters Kluwer Financial Services launches its Expere® family of integrated compliance solutions.

    2006Wolters Kluwer’s market leading businesses in the financial services industry, including Bankers Systems, VMP Mortgage Solutions, PCi, GainsKeeper, CCH Capital Changes, CCH Wall Street, NILS INsource, Uniform Forms and AuthenticWeb, join together to form Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

    2006Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires GulfPak Corporation, which provides easy-to-use compliance-based software solutions to community and regional banks.

    2007Wolters Kluwer Financial Services substantially acquires all the assets of Banconsumer Service Inc., a leading provider of pre-printed forms, electronic documents and e-contracting solutions to the indirect, mortgage and home equity markets.

    2007Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires Desert Document Services, Inc., a leading provider of automated document preparation solutions to the mortgage industry.

    2007Wolters Kluwer Financial Services launches its ComplianceOne™ solution, which gives a financial organization all the tools needed to create a complete loan, mortgage, deposit or IRA package.

    2007Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires The AppOne Companies, a leading provider of technology and risk mitigation services to independent automobile dealers and lenders.

    2008—Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires substantially all of the assets of Stewart Lender Services’ flood determination business.

    2008Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires Compliance Online, an online compliance information provider focused on regulatory information, analysis and news for the United Kingdom’s financial services market.

    2009—Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires substantially all of the assets of Stormwater Research Group, a provider of flood compliance solutions to the banking and mortgage industries, real estate development companies and insurance agencies.

    2010—Wolters Kluwer Financial Services launches ARC Logics for Financial Services, a comprehensive enterprise risk management suite for banking, insurance and securities organizations.

    2010The United States Patent and Trademark Office grants Wolters Kluwer Financial Services a patent for its AppOne solution, which automates indirect lending, credit approval and compliance processes for independent automobile dealers and the lenders that serve them.

    2010—Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires FRSGlobal, a Brussels-based global financial regulatory reporting and risk management business.

    2010—FRSGlobal, part of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, acquires KPMG Czech Republic's regulatory reporting business.

    2011Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires Spring Programs Ltd., an independent provider of financial regulatory reporting solutions in the U.K. banking market.

    2011Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires Sasgas, a provider of financial reporting software solutions to the foreign and domestic bank market in China.

    2012Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires FinArch, a Belgium-based provider of integrated finance, risk and performance management solutions for financial services firms worldwide.

    2014Wolters Kluwer Financial Services acquires Financial Tools, Inc., the provider of CASH Suite™, an enterprise-wide financial analysis and credit risk management solution for U.S. commercial lenders.