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    Basel IV - The Path to a More Profitable Business
    (Published June 4, 2020) In this whitepaper, Jeroen Van Doorsselaere explains that if you start now, there is a path to greater productivity and profitability and an opportunity to become a better bank, not just a compliance one.
    Artificial Intelligence in Regulatory Reporting
    (Published January 8, 2020) The Wolters Kluwer Proof of Concept demonstrates a case for AI in regulatory reporting. A machine can learn how to take over any end-to-end regulatory reporting process for financial institutions and regulators, across every jurisdiction.
    Rethinking Regulatory Change Management
    (Published April 17, 2019) Do you have the tools you need to manage regulatory change? Financial services companies have similar challenges associated with the regulatory change management including controlling costs, managing conflicting regulations, and providing documentation that changes were adopted.
    CECL Buyers Guide – Manage Data & Expectations
    (Published September 28, 2017) No doubt are thinking about or are already preparing for CECL. The CECL Buyer’s Guide: Managing Data and Expectations touches upon certain operational practices, especially cross-department cooperation, to help you implement the standard effectively while avoiding key pitfalls.
    Achieving IFRS 9: a long way to go in a short time
    (Published July 27, 2017) The deadline to implement IFRS 9 is just months away, but a solid plan and a collaborative effort across a firm’s key functions will allow even late starters to meet the target.
    RegTech: Helping Your Data Work Smarter and Harder
    (Published June 8, 2017) It is critical for financial institutions to have the ability to compile and analyze data generated across multiple functions in a comprehensive and holistic fashion. However, with most organizations operating in silos and using multiple point solutions; streamlining collection of contractual, account, risk, finance and transactional information is no small undertaking. Read our whitepaper to learn more about how a RegTech solution can help.
    IFRS 9, CECL, BCBS 311: Preparing for Financial Standards around the World
    (Published November 22, 2016) This new whitepaper examines how the various standards are being interpreted across a range of jurisdictions. We analyze some of the benefits and drawbacks of each standard, and the likely impacts for financial institutions. Finally, we explore some of the urgent actions that firms should take now – both to smooth their path to implementation, and to avoid creating more problems down the road.
    Business Intelligence: A Tech Revolution for the Evolution in Compliance
    (Published September 15, 2016) This white paper discusses the rise of RegTech and explores the benefits which extend well beyond satisfying the supervisory watchdogs.
    After the Panama Papers: Addressing emerging AML and KYC challenges in Asia-Pacific
    (Published July 6, 2016) This paper by Wolters Kluwer experts provides insights on the main requirements for banks seeking to successfully navigate the emerging compliance landscape.
    Breaking down IFRS 9 implementation
    (Published May 23, 2016) Based on the input of Wolters Kluwer sector experts, this buyer’s guide to IFRS 9 solutions aims to assist companies in this vital decision-making process.
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