Stress Testing: Putting the Pieces Together
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  • Stress Testing: Putting the Pieces Together to Solve an Increasingly Intricate Puzzle

    Stress Testing White Paper As stress testing around the world becomes increasingly intricate, more and more is being asked of firms to have the systems in place to monitor activities, gather data and apply models to analyze it. But is the industry confident it is where it need to be?

    When a poll of market participants who attended our recent stress testing webinar was asked: “Are you comfortable you can leverage your legacy systems to fulfil these stress-testing requirements?” 14 percent offered an unqualified “yes” and 32 percent an unqualified no; the remaining 54 percent declared themselves “not fully comfortable”.

    This new whitepaper gives a comprehensive overview on the changes in stress-testing practices over the years, the differences in the regional regimes and addresses whether testing 2.0 can be executed effectively with system 1.0.

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