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    Clean Data is Key to Automating Reporting
    (Published April 13, 2020) This podcast explains how to best source, clean and leverage data, not only for regulatory reporting, but also for risk and financial reporting.
    How technology can help to overcome data management and compliance hurdles
    (Published January 21, 2020) Regulators require greater reporting integration across multiple business processes, and faster reaction to change. But, how can financial institutions tackle this when working in silos across various functions?
    How can banks best prepare for Basel IV & CRD V?
    (Published Sep 25, 2019) Basel IV/CRD V – with staggered implementation deadlines set out for its various components – are due to come into effect on 1 January 2022. But what does this timeline mean for your firm in the long-term, as well as the more immediate future?
    Basel IV CRD V – Liquidity Risk
    (Published Sep 25, 2019) What are the key implications of the revised liquidity requirements within Basel IV / CRD V? Can firms turn compliance with these requirements into a business benefit?
    Five Dimensions of RegTech Growth
    (Published July 15, 2019) RegTech expert Sitaram "SK" Karanam explains the five dimensions to consider before implementing a regulatory technology or RegTech solution: Customer Value & Business Strategy, Innovation, AI, Big Data, Extensibility.
    Regulatory Reporting – Accurate, Automated, Auditable
    (Published July 8, 2019) Firms can automate in an incremental way with immediate results. Each stage of automation frees up more resources, creating an efficient, effective feedback loop contributing to better decision-making.
    RegTech and SupTech 2025: Bigger, faster, stronger
    (Published November 2018) In this series of short videos, recorded at the SG Fintech Festival, we explore the technologies and transformations that will be impacting banks and FIs into the next decade, including AI, blockchain, cloud, and machine executable regulation.
    OneSumX FRR - Results under pressure
    (Published September 12, 2018) Achieving results in today’s world is tougher than ever. The challenges are everywhere; data management burdens, legacy systems or higher expectations from both regulators and senior management. It’s time for new approaches to old problems, watch our video and read our whitepaper.
    The Banker Insights, Wolters Kluwer Leadership Video Series - Benchmarking data for regulatory compliance
    (Published August 1, 2018) The Banker’s Leadership series of videos, in association with Wolters Kluwer, explores the data challenges financial firms face when addressing complex and changing regulatory and reporting requirements.
    Interconnections between IRRBB and liquidity management
    (Published July 25, 2018) Watch this presentation to learn more about the interconnections between IRRBB and liquidity management and the common approach to behavioral modeling that will benefit risk management.
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