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Scenario Planning

  • Leverage internal operational risk data to analyze scenarios and enable capital quantification for internal and regulatory purposes.

    Using Scenarios Planning you can explore what the future might look like and what levels of capital will be required to survive potential adversities. Scenario analysis and capital calculation functionality is integrated with the OneSumX platform to take advantage of other relevant functions such as reporting, loss recording and enterprise indicators. With OneSumX you can:

    • Conduct “What-if” analysis for both financial and environmental risks
    • Configure scenario planning
    • Add new or modified scenarios as required by regulators or strategic business planning
    • Cover all risks with the latest directives for annual stress testing
    • Integrate with risk management system for reporting, monitoring, and governance

    Capital Calculation

    OneSumX utilizes the Change of Measure Model that incorporates internal and external data and scenarios. This model provides a way for financial organizations to use their business judgment and experience along with actual loss history. For those with no recorded loss data, we can provide industry level benchmark parameters for the size and type of the organization.


    OneSumX provides functionality allowing a business to record and manage scenarios. The system allows users to manage the identification, assessment and approval process of scenarios. Users can link to other parts of the risk framework (internal losses, outstanding issues, etc.) to scenarios. Scenario workflow allows institutions to enforce a strict sign off process with an associated full audit trail. This ensures all relevant staff reviewed the scenario assessments and the organization has a full record of the scenario assessment process.