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OneSumX Liquidity Risk Management

  • Our comprehensive OneSumX Liquidity Risk Management solution combines a risk management/stress engine and regulatory reporting platform which enables firms to monitor, manage and report liquidity risk.

    The importance of effective liquidity risk management has been highlighted over recent years. Severe market and systemic disruptions, long term disruptions of markets, and funding needs of contingent contracts were some of the failings which were identified as key issues.

    Regulators are understandably now applying greater focus on the liquidity risk within firms and it is therefore becoming increasingly important for firms to be able to assess and monitor liquidity risk effectively.

    Effective liquidity risk management requires the establishment of a robust liquidity risk management framework (i.e. strategy, policy and practices) that ensures sufficient liquidity. This includes the maintenance of a cushion of unencumbered, high quality liquid assets in order to withstand stress events, including those involving the loss or impairment of both unsecured and secured funding sources.

    Our OneSumX Liquidity Risk solution provides standard and customized liquidity analysis projections and reporting including:

    • Stress Scenarios for Liquidity Risk
    • Static liquidity gap
      • Marginal liquidity gap
      • Cumulative liquidity gap
      • Residual liquidity gap
    • Contingency gap
      • Marginal liquidity
      • Cumulative liquidity
      • Residual liquidity
    • Dynamic gap
    • Cash management / margining
    • Systemic and concentration risks