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OneSumX for Anti-Money Laundering

  • Due to sharp increases in regulatory enforcement today, including cease-and-desist orders and record fines, it is now a top priority for your financial organization to comply with regulations like the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and USA PATRIOT Act.
    Without a comprehensive BSA/AML program, you face the risk of:

    • Costly fines that directly impact your bottom line
    • Legal battles that absorb critical financial and human resources
    • The ongoing impact of declining share value
    • Reputational damage from which it may be difficult to recover

    In addition, the increasing sophistication of money launderers and government regulators demands a more comprehensive response to avoid exposure. If your anti-money laundering program still follows manual processes, you face the risk of rendering it inefficient, inaccurate and, ultimately, ineffective. It is, therefore, necessary for you to plan for a BSA/AML strategy to protect your institution.

    To confidently and proactively address the challenge, institutions now require a more holistic risk-based approach to their BSA/AML compliance program commensurate with regulators’ expectations. Further, the program must focus in equal parts on the core areas of KYC/CIP, AML and regulatory reporting within an integrated financial crime control system. But how do institutions confront this daunting objective with the reality of an out-of-date program and aging point solutions?

    A Holistic and Innovative Approach

    The OneSumX Financial Crime Control suite is unique in its ability to provide industry-leading BSA/AML solutions that are configured to the individual needs of institutions whether based in the Americas or Asia-Pacific. Our solutions take a holistic and innovative approach by combining state-of-the-art technology with exceptional regulatory knowledge and consulting expertise.

    Meet Your Financial Crime Challenges Head On

    Developed to provide you with comprehensive real-time monitoring of your organization and its risks, the OneSumX for AML solution presents only real threats as they arise and provides you with the ability to address those risks in the most efficient manner.
    OneSumX FCC automates each facet of your BSA/AML compliance program, including:

    • Customer Identification Program (CIP)
    • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) processes
    • Suspicious activity detection
    • Case investigation
    • SAR filing

    It successfully eliminates time consuming, inefficient manual processes, increases the effectiveness of your program and staff, and significantly decreases your overall BSA/AML compliance risk.

    Minimize Your Money Laundering Risks and Mitigate Losses

    Our AML solution delivers the combined power of profiling and transactional analysis to your BSA/AML compliance program. Its enhanced suspicious activity detection technology is designed to mesh seamlessly with the platform's. The program's included case management and automated SAR creation and filing tools also help you to efficiently and effectively fight money laundering in your institution.

    OneSumX for AML includes:

    • Time efficiency: Eliminates time consuming, inefficient manual processes
    • Resources efficiency: Increases the effectiveness of your program and staff 
    • Risk reduction: Significantly decreases your overall BSA/ AML compliance risk.