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OneSumX Subledger Accounting

  • Our advanced subledger solution supports business complexity by streamlining accounting processes and reducing manual changes through automation.

    Obtaining quality data that are reconciled and validated is an ongoing challenge that underscores all business decisions taken throughout the organization. Inconsistencies found in business activity measures and a firm’s financials can impede management in making business decisions.

    Furthermore, inconsistencies cost time and effort to reconcile. By managing both business and finance data, tightly linked at the most granular level, the advanced subledger bridges business and finance to provide clear-cut, reliable information to help management make the fully informed choices.

    In a single system the advanced subledger can underpin and reinforce risk management, regulatory reporting, profitability management, product control and auditing. Our advanced subledger functionality includes:

    • Reconciled granular business and accounting data
    • Support multiple entities, currencies and GAAPs
    • Regroup & streamline accounting
    • Fast and reliable financial reporting
    • Sourcing for finance, risk, ALM, regulatory reporting and more

    Subledger Accounting