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OneSumX Integrated Risk and Finance

  • Our OneSumX Integrated Risk and Finance solutions allow you to significantly decrease total cost of ownership by reducing the number of interfaces, enrichments and reconciliation efforts, while shared simulations and analytics enable better decision making and increased reactivity.

    The traditional boundaries that exist between the risk and finance departments, in conjunction with technological constraints from the past, mean that siloed architectures are still very common within financial institutions. However, there are clear signs that the organizational borders between risk and finance departments are fading: Encouraged by demand from regulators and management for more, faster and better quality information, together with technological advancements and ‘big data’ capabilities, these obstacles can now be overcome.

    The path to achieve full integration is complex but the results are rewarding. Using the OneSumX suite of solutions, Wolters Kluwer can help financial institutions develop a strategic plan to achieve a single shared and trusted platform to support risk, finance and performance needs.

    There are many challenges that need to be overcome in order to achieve the goal of full integration. Beyond addressing organizational complexity, implementation of the right technology and the architectural design of the system are also crucial.

    Wolters Kluwer provides a complete end-to-end solution for all risk, finance and performance needs. The OneSumX suite central business-oriented data layer promotes efficiency, improves data quality and enables our customers to take advantage of the commonalities that exist between risk and financial data and calculations. OneSumX removes the barriers between the departments by supporting a common and shared language, references and tools, resulting in a greater transparency and trust.