Regulatory Change Management for Financial Services
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  • Regulatory Change Management for Financial Services

    This webinar simulates a conversation between Wolters Kluwer and a Chief Compliance Officer discussing regulatory change management. The three key concepts addressed are regulatory change in the context of an overall compliance operation, best practices to support regulatory change processes, and how Wolters Kluwer is an effective partner to help compliance departments manage those issues. Wolters Kluwer solutions were created solely for financial services organizations and deliver the processes, best practices, regulatory intelligence, and analytics required in this highly regulated industry. Our mission is to bring risk management, compliance, finance, and performance together in a single architecture to provide financial institutions with better control and management of their financial data, and a clearer enterprise view and enhanced management of risk and performance.


    To learn more about ways in which financial services firms are working with Wolters Kluwer to manage their regulatory change obligations, visit here.

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