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Regulatory Update Service

  • Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ experts actively monitor regulatory changes and provide updates within regulatory update service (RUS) allowing firms to rest assured that they are meeting ever changing regulatory requirements at all times.

    Our experts actively monitor and analyze regulatory changes in approx. 50 countries worldwide, helping them to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis and enabling them to easily roll out regulatory reporting operations into multiple branches, as well as reducing total cost of ownership and maintenance once the system is fully configured.

    Regulatory Update Service (RUS)

    • Subscription based service
    • Maintains the latest up to date regulatory requirements on a continuous basis

    Domain Expert consulting services

    • 400 on-staff experts including former regulators, attorneys and compliance analysts
    • Professional Services assistance to map and/or ETL data sources into our data repository
    • Country domain specific regulatory reporting knowledge
    • Consultants with combined risk and finance expertise