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OneSumX for Complaint Management

  • A Consumer Complaint Shouldn’t Get You Criticized, It Should Get You Thinking

    Consumers expect a lot and when they get less than what they expect, they complain. Unfortunately for financial services firms, that complaint may not be limited to customer service staff, it may be logged with the regulator. Fail to handle that complaint appropriately, or get too many of the same types of complaints and the regulator is at your door. Complaint data can provide valuable insights into your business, but not if you do not have any visibility into, or trust in the data.

    If you are still managing complaints on spreadsheets or other manual methods, building that audit trail the regulator is sure to ask for becomes a time consuming if not impossible task. In fact, these manual processes, particularly in data collection and resolution workflow often lead to failures prompting an examination.

    OneSumX for Complaint Management provides a centralized and automated process that helps organizations of all sizes effectively manage, resolve and report on complaints. By bringing content, compliance and technology together, we help organizations keep complaints from turning into regulator criticisms.