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Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit)

AnaCredit introduces a step-change in the amount of data that is required to be reported on such a frequent basis - daily in some cases. All affected firms will be expected to have up-to-date expertise around data requirements and local discretions, as well as processes in place to monitor further stages that could affect both their single and multi-country operations in the future.

Key considerations for a more efficient AnaCredit compliance

- Powerful reporting and data lineage tools
- Scalability to process large volumes of data
- Process automation
- The ability to reuse data to address FinRep, CoRep, and local statistical and prudential requirements


Ensure data quality

Data quality is assured through the Reporting Portal that allows users to analyze data including variances at different levels of granularity through a broad number off attributes such as accounting classification, instrument, economic sector, country, etc. This allows users to quickly pin-point and remediate data issues within a four-eyes approval framework.


Limit exposure to regulatory change

An intrinsic part of our regulatory reporting solution, the Regulatory Update Service (RUS) helps you limit exposure to regulatory change, specifically in the format of updates to data requirements and out-of-the-box business logic as a result of changes to regulatory calculations, forms, validation rules and delivery.

AnaCredit Architecture

Solution features


Data consistency, reconciliation and lineage

Faster processing and more flexible operational environment

A single platform that can be used to ensure compliance with AnaCredit and any other regulatory reporting requirements

Future proofing of your regulatory compliance via Regulatory Update Service

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