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  • TSoftPlus™ is specifically designed to support SBA loan processing for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions without sacrificing compliance or risk management.

    From origination through funding, TSoftPlus combines flexible browser-based tools and integrated time-saving features to improve the entire SBA lending process. It’s designed to support multiple SBA loan types and manage a wider variety of requirements with additional features to help you efficiently process SBA loans:

    • Quick Quotes provides fast responses for prospective borrowers.
    • PDF output files makes it easy to print and e-mail documents.
    • Loans to co-borrowers includes eligible passive companies.
    • Global cash flow analysis to make better credit decisions.

    TSoftPlus streamlines data entry so you can easily navigate between online forms and your own client database. It fully integrates with SBA’s authorization wizards using Microsoft Word®. Microsoft Excel® is also integrated right into the application, giving you easy access to financial analysis. There’s even a built-in online loan submission and response feature that connects directly to SBA’s E-Tran solution for loan processing and servicing.

    Everything you need for compliant SBA loan processing is found in TSoftPlus. It’s the single solution that meets the needs of the whole spectrum of SBA lending.

    Streamline Your SBA Lending Process With TSoftPlus

    • Greater Efficiency
      Manage any loan volume with an advanced browser-based interface and Microsoft Office® integration.
    • Stronger Compliance
      Maintain compliance with built-in features like one-step data entry and access to all required SBA forms.
    • Faster Response
      Respond to your customer’s needs quickly with streamlined processing and online submission to SBA’s E-Tran.
    • Higher Value
      Expand capacity without adding staff with affordable pricing options that support any lending volume.

    TSoftPlus Offerings

    TSoftPlus is available through two methods of distribution. The option that works best for you depends on your unique needs and internal IT support.

    SaaS (Software as a Service)

    You now have even greater flexibility to efficiently process multiple SBA loans. By using TSoftPlus as SaaS, your software and information is securely stored online and backed up in a secure data center, giving you instant access to files from any location. Reduce maintenance fees, avoid server issues, and eliminate hardware costs with an advanced solution that’s always up-to-date.


    A download of TSoftPlus is available for easy installation of the software on your network server. Updates are available on our product download site for each of our releases, and you’ll be able to update your system when it’s convenient for your IT staff.

    Learn how TSoftPlus can help you process more SBA loans without sacrificing compliance or risk management. Call 800-397-2341 or contact us for more information.