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Medici® Commercial Lending Documentation System

  • Medici® Commercial Lending Documentation System is a database-driven software system that dynamically generates commercial loan documents. It centralizes commercial lending administration, expedites the loan process, and offers compliance management to minimize risk. Documents are compliant for all 51 jurisdictions and are backed by our compliance warranty.


    • Focused on commercial/industrial loans and commercial real estate loans for large and small businesses
    • Sophisticated loan documents for more complex loans, yet usable for less complex loans
    • Nearly all text can be customized for some or all transactions
    • Standard Microsoft® Word document output
    • Supports commitment letters and nested entities
    • Multiple loans/notes available per transaction
    • Built-in database to link borrowers and guarantors to transactions
    • Inheritance-based policy and product tree
    • Database-driven user interface facilitates quick content changes

    Medici is ideal for customers with a separate commercial lending department:

    • Flexible documents that can be edited by transaction
    • Customizable content by category, product or transaction

    Business Results

    • Increase Productivity—Medici provides increased efficiency in high touch transactions and reduces loan processing time. It provides flexible and reusable product templates for frequent transaction types enabling more sophisticated loans to be documented by in-house staff. 
    • Improve Effectiveness and Reduce Risk—Medici's easy-to-use interface guides users through a step-by-step process to select appropriate transaction options and auto-selects the required loan documents. Medici provides security and control over lending information as well as on-going compliance monitoring and regular updates. You can take comfort in knowing that you have up-to-date documentation by the most trusted compliance provider in the industry.
    • Address Your Business Objectives—Medici can help you improve loan turnaround time and improve borrower satisfaction. It produces professionally drafted, customizable documents reducing your need for outside counsel. Loan documentation can be tailored to your own look and feel with specific language, loan terms, and conditions. Its centralized policy and security administration can help to expand your lending capacity without compromising your work flow.
    • Multiple Capabilities—Use one system to create all types of commercial loans for big and small businesses:  working capital revolving lines of credit, third party commercial mortgages, equipment lines of credit, extension agreements, interest-only payment periods, reporting functions, conduct amortization schedules on the fly, automate your loan decision process, then populate and print any closing documents.


    • A bank can easily add its own language and other requirements to Medici's standard document sets while ensuring that management's policies are being consistently enforced in the closings.
    • The product is built on up-to-date, software technology that interoperates with Microsoft Office and allows documents to be emailed or printed securely anywhere.
    • Available as a subscription service that doesn't involve large upfront fees or multiple-year contractual lock-ins.
    • Medici offers training seminars to educate Loan Officers on using the system and on commercial lending.
    • Process business/commercial, agricultural, construction, real estate; renewals and modifications; letters of credit; and denials and other adverse actions with a combination of dynamic and static documents.
    • Produce dynamic documents that reflect the specific transaction for a clear, precise, and understandable end product.
    • Include detailed collateral descriptions and as many additional parties to a loan as needed using the space provided.
    • Handle the most complicated compilation of repayment methods.

    Key Functions

    • Tailor the software to reflect the lending policies of your institution.
    • Handle multiple charters, jurisdictions, departments, and lending policies. It can even handle cross-jurisdiction lending transactions.
    • Control user access rights with the system's security.
    • Provide more consistency and reduce exceptions to help increase the enforceability of your loan portfolio using our Wizard Technology. The system steps users through a series of questions as if an attorney were sitting with them. Each question's answer dictates the next question and the overall structure of a loan.
    • Address the most current regulatory changes (even after a new update is installed) on your in-progress loans.
    • Print loan documents easily at remote locations using secure, industry-standard print fonts.