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Interface Developers Kit (IDK)

  • The Interface Developers Kit (IDK) is a toolkit provided by Wolters Kluwer Financial Services to provide our partners and/or our end-users such as banks or credit unions, with the relevant reference material to assist with the creation of interfaces to the ComplianceOne® solution.

    The IDK is Built for How You Do Business

    The IDK allows you to create an export or import interface to the ComplianceOne® solution specific to how you do business.  This allows you to eliminate duplicate data entry from your workflow and minimize your compliance risk.  As a result you can focus on more important business activities.

    The IDK is Designed for Use by Technical Experts

    The IDK is designed to be used by technical resources such as Software Engineers with web development experience.

     The IDK contains four key elements to aid in your interface development:

    1. Documentation
      1. Overview Guide, which provides reference material related to the IDK package.
      2. Developers Guide, which provides instructions and samples for creating interface components.
      3. Sample Interface User Guide, which provides instructions on how to use the sample interface.
      4. Utilizing a ComplianceOne Interface, which provides reference materials on how the interface will interact within ComplianceOne.
    2. APIs to simplify some of the common duties of an interface and classes to simplify interaction with the ComplianceOne solution.
    3. Schema and mappings based on an extended version of MISMO 3.1 XML.  Secondary data capture schema is also available.
    4. Sample interface and transactions to use as a reference when creating an interface.

    More information is available in the Interface Development Kit (IDK) Overview Guide under brochures.

    If you’d like to purchase the IDK, please contact your local Account Executive, call 1-800-552-9410 or submit your information in the “request more information” form on this webpage.

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