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CASH Profit™

  • Risk-Based Loan Pricing

    Achieve return on asset and investment goals, at both the loan and relationship levels, by easily determining risk adjusted loan rates, fees and compensating balances consistently from deal to deal and from lender-to-lender.

    Ensure loan assets are priced to achieve target returns

    • Enables Senior Lenders and CFOs to set pricing parameters.
    • Includes direct and indirect costs to reach target profitability as well as costs associated with recovering potential losses.
    • Provides an invaluable negotiation tool when discussing pricing options with the senior lender, loan committee or prospective clients.

    Achieve your goals

    • Measures and reports profitability including net income on all loans, deposits and fee services.
    • Enables lenders to easily trade off interest rate as against loan fees and/or earnings on deposits and services.
    • Retains the flexibility to override parameters to properly reflect case-by-case transaction and relationship factors.