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CASH Opportunity

  • Business Development And Sales Management

    Achieve both your new business development and client retention performance objectives by accelerating the planning, tracking, reporting and management of all sales, service and marketing activities by using this dynamic CRM tool.

    Generate new business

    • Define cross-sell strategies based on loan balance, covenance obligations, past loans and current deposits.
    • Analyze the entire customer history across all touch points and identify up-sell opportunities.
    • Dynamically generate reports to track referral source and evaluate opportunities.
    • Look at past performance history to help predict demand and allocate resources.
    • Perform pipeline management for every opportunity and get a comprehensive view of what steps need to be taken to close prospect.

    Tie performance to desired results

    • Provides a framework to set performance goals and establish streamlined workflow processes.
    • Quickly view key performance indicators to gain an understanding of the probability of closure.
    • Compare activity performance tracking across the entire team to ensure goals are realized.
    • Offers flexible options to report performance against current plan, prior year performance or other benchmarks you deem important.