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CASH Insight™

  • Business and Personal Financial Analysis

    Probe the financial capacity of businesses and individual borrowers and guarantors with this powerful yet simple-to-use financial analysis tool for analysts and lenders. Achieve increased consistency and streamlined analysis of business or personal financial statements and tax returns.

    Powerful yet simple to use projection capabilities

    • Provides a comprehensive set of industry specific charts for analyzing historical, peer comparative, pro-forma and projected financial capacity.
    • Offers personal financial statement and tax return analysis as well as the ability to analyze relationship financial capacity.
    • Assess a borrower’s financial capacities over anticipated loan terms.
    • Automatically tracks and reports loan covenants throughout their term.

    Extraordinary reporting options

    • Includes 35 specialized industry templates.
    • Users can easily create custom analysis, reports and industry specific templates for use by themselves and others.
    • Lenders and analysts can share data and analysis with non-CASH Insight users in all popular formats.
    • Provides a simple to use framework that assures consistent analysis from year-to-year, deal-to-deal and lender-to-lender.
    • Updates regularly to reflect current personal and business tax laws as well as loads respective forms and schedules.

    Add on CASH Tax Importer to save time and improve data accuracy when importing Tax documents into Insight.

    Tax Importer leverages optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract and import the information from tax returns whether PDF or image files. And CASH’s quality control process ensures every tax return is reviewed by a human for the highest accuracy. Data is then directly imported to CASH Suite tax return spreads and will be immediately available for spreading, stress testing and analysis.


    With CASH Tax Importer you can:

    • Reduce data entry time and errors for spreads
    • Improve customer experience by reducing time to make a decision and thus speeding up underwriting
    • Improve employee satisfaction and retention by eliminating the manual and tedious task of data entry
    • Save time, allowing for more precise and accurate analysis by your underwriting team
    • Provide your team with extra time to make sure the deal is strong, and ensure that you’re not rushing decisions because you ran out of time doing manual data entry