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CASH GlobalView™

  • Portfolio Risk Management

    Assess the impact of changing financial and economic conditions to effectively measure and manage your entire portfolio. Provides lenders and credit administrators with comprehensive tools to generate ad-hoc reports, evaluate specific portfolio segments and identify adverse trends which will enable you to take action to ensure long-term profitability.

    Test your portfolio against changes in interest rates, sales, rents and more

    CASH GlobalView™ sits atop the CASH Suite™, consuming financial analysis, risk scores, loan covenant compliance, and documentation compliance statistics for businesses, individuals and real estate properties- all generated in CASH Insight™, CASH CRE™, CASH Reward™, and CASH OnTrack™.

    Get the full spectrum of visibility

    • Stress test your entire portfolio using historical data entered from CASH Insight and CASH CRE.
    • Perform industry comparisons for borrowers against your own financial analysis data, or data compiled in the RMA Statement Studies Database, including Industry Default Probabilities (IDP) and regional data–all available within CASH Suite.
    • Ensure loan covenant and documentation compliance through a simple to read consolidated report pulling date from both CASH Insight and CASH CRE.
    • Edit and change CASH Insight calculations on an industry-by-industry basis.
    • Create custom calculations to better assess financial trends and capacities for the businesses and real estate properties managed within CASH Insight and CASH CRE.