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  • Commercial Real Estate Analysis And Stress Testing

    Quantify both historical and future debt service capabilities and loan to value positions for commercial real estate loans by stress testing the impact of changes in interest rates, expense factors, vacancy rates and cap rates to help reduce loan losses resulting from unanticipated structural changes in a property’s revenue and/or expense during the life of the loan.

    Identify real estate loan risks throughout the life of the loan

    • Detect the impact of future changes in rental income, interest rates, expense factors and vacancy rates on debt service coverage and loan to value.
    • Facilitate the initial loan.
    • Combine with CASH GlobalView™.
    • Report on real-estate concentrations by property type, lender and more.
    • Stress test the real-estate portfolio for changes in rents, interest rate shocks, expense and vacancy rate volatility by any segment.

    Improve forecast accuracy

    • Develop valuations based on market and/or portfolio average cap rates.
    • Identify future property financial capacity.
    • Share data and analysis with CASH Reward™ to facilitate underwriting and risk measurement for all property types.