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Form Content Integration Services

  • Bring maximum efficiency to your workflow while reducing noncompliance risks.

    Our library of more than 40,000 forms in print and electronic formats is the largest available today, including bureau, state-mandated, and all of the other forms you need throughout the policy lifecycle. We have worked with leading software providers to develop compatible ready-to-use forms libraries complete with compliance monitoring and maintenance services. Our experience with insurance forms and integration can help you implement quickly, so you can get what you need from your software without wasting time and money in the process.

    Outsourcing your electronic document library can be a cost-effective solution for numerous insurance business situations, for example; if your firm is

    • converting to a new Document Management System.
    • converting to a new Policy Production environment.
    • adding a new program or new states onto its existing environment.
    • in the middle of a time-sensitive forms implementation.
    • experiencing costly forms content maintenance and production delays.

    With Form Content Integration Services from Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, you can achieve maximum value from your technology investment by eliminating the need to mass-convert form information from existing systems to new environments.

    Save time and money by outsourcing your content integration initiatives.

    Wolters Kluwer Financial Services provides your firm with a host of bottom-line advantages:

    • The industry’s largest library of regulatory forms, giving you immediate access to
      the content you need
    • Basic form templates in electronic formats you can use, so implementations are
      faster and costs are lower
    • A seasoned staff, averaging 12 years’ experience working with print output from
      a variety of industry-leading systems

    In addition, we have extensive experience working with leading partners and print outputs:

    • Adobe
    • AFP output
    • CSC
    • GhostDraft
    • HP Exstream Software
    • Metacode output
    • Oracle Software
    • Thunderhead