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  • Great sources for news stories are hard to find.

    And reliable sources for risk management and regulatory compliance stories are especially hard to find -- until now.

    With more than 400 compliance and legal experts around the world analyzing tens of thousands of pieces of current and pending regulatory legislation each year, we can help journalists as they tackle the complex issues affecting all sectors of the financial services industry across the globe.


    Combining regulatory expertise and technological intelligence, Wolters Kluwer's reputable team of professionals can address various topics, including:

    • Anti-money laundering/Bank Secrecy Act
    • Asset Liability Management (ALM) /Interest Rate Risk
    • Banking compliance technology and processes
    • Banking regulatory compliance issues
    • Commercial lending
    • Consumer lending
    • Corep  
    • U.S. Consumer-oriented banking regulations (Community Reinvestment Act, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and fair lending requirements)
    • Corporate actions
    • Corporate governance
    • Cost basis reporting
    • Credit risk
    • Credit unions
    • Data security and privacy
    • Deposit accounts (U.S.)
    • Enterprise risk management
    • European Union financial services directives (including International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); Corep, CRD IV, and Financial Reporting (FINREP)  
    • Financial risk management (including stress testing, funds transfer pricing and economic capital)
    • Financial Regulatory reporting topics in more than 40 countries
    • Fraud prevention and detection
    • Government lending (U.S.)
    • Health savings accounts
    • Indirect lending in the U.S. (including automobile and specialty vehicle finance)
    • Individual retirement accounts
    • Insurance company operations (U.S.)
    • Insurance compliance technology (U.S.)
    • Insurance form filing and document management (U.S.)
    • Insurance regulatory compliance issues
    • Insurance risk
    • ISO 31000
    • Life and health insurance (U.S.)
    • Liquidity risk
    • Loss mitigation/loan modifications (U.S.)
    • Market risk
    • Mortgage lending compliance technology and processes
    • Operational risk
    • Payments and messaging technology
    • Property and casualty insurance (U.S.)
    • Risk management scenario building
    • Securities compliance technology
    • Securities regulatory compliance issues
    • Tax law (U.S.)
    • Treasury and capital markets technology
    • Treasury risk management