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Tax Advantaged Accounts Services (IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, HSA, and CESA)

  • Consulting

    Our toll-free Consulting Service provides quick access to reliable information from experienced consultants. We’re ready to answer questions, assist with reporting requirements, and explain regulatory changes. Save time and get the right answer the first time—99 percent of all questions are answered on the first call. You can feel secure knowing you have a place to turn for answers.

    Compliance Audit Services

    An IRA compliance audit can help uncover issues due to staff changes or mergers and acquisitions that could leave you exposed to costly penalties and time-consuming rework. An audit can help ensure you’re using the correct documents, applying the rules and regulations appropriately, and reporting accurately to the IRS and your account owners.

    We will review your files, policies, and procedures—or we’ll help you do that through a series of checklists—and make suggestions that will keep your IRA, CESA, and HSA business on track.

    Policy Development

    Developing, maintaining, and updating your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) policies and procedures is a vital part of your business operations. Not only is it important for establishing sound business practices, but it’s a necessity when examiners review how the specific regulations are implemented and audited to determine your compliance with the requirements. The development of proper policies and procedures is also critical to implementing staff training, customer/member education, marketing programs, deposit programs, and managing risk within your organization.