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Corporate Fact Sheet

  • Leader in risk, compliance, finance and audit solutions

    Whether complying with regulatory requirements, addressing a single key risk, or working toward a holistic risk management strategy, financial organizations around the world trust Wolters Kluwer for a comprehensive and dynamic view of risk management and compliance.

    We provide risk management, compliance, finance and audit solutions that help financial organizations grow safely and profitably, now, and into the future.

    We bring together deep industry knowledge, consulting and services, and technology to help financial organizations in a way that no other provider can. By utilizing the power of our comprehensive approach, financial organizations can best optimize the balance between risk and opportunity and make the best decisions possible for their business.

    Our Differentiators:

    • Deep Knowledge and Expertise - We offer our customers the insight and expertise of more than 400 in-house compliance and risk management experts—former lawyers, compliance analysts and specialists, as well as former regulators and compliance officers. Our expert staff knows the critical role you play in managing compliance and risk and what solutions you need to be effective.
    • Unparalleled Industry Scale - We have been serving the needs of the financial services industry through its market-leading brands and business lines for more than 100 years. Through strong relationships with financial services organizations around the world, we’ve gained thorough insight into the regulatory and risk management challenges that financial organizations of all sizes face, providing you the industry context to make the right decisions for your institution.
    • Strength and Agility - We offer a rare balance of agility and strength. We work closely with customers of all sizes, enabling us to quickly identify a customer need. That insight juxtaposed against the financial strength of a $4.9 billion leading global information company allows us to quickly invest and respond to our customers with the right solutions.

    What We Do:

    Empower compliance, risk management, finance and audit professionals in financial services industries across the globe to make intelligent and clear-sighted decisions in a rapidly changing environment. We provide the solutions they need to manage risk and compliance, and grow, now and into the future.


    • Asset Liability Management – Identify and manage the impact of the market changes and interest rate risk to your organization’s balance sheet, as well as adhere to Basel III and Solvency II requirements. Built on a centralized data structure, our solution lets you efficiently access the information you need.
    • Credit Risk – Accurately measure and efficiently manage credit exposure. Our solution provides single name and portfolio credit risk analysis through three components: current and potential exposure, expected and unexpected credit loss based on stress and credit value-at-risk analysis, and credit value adjustments.
    • Financial Crime Control – Proactively detect, analyze and prevent fraudulent transactions, money laundering and employee financial misconduct. With formalized processes to govern data through its entire lifecycle, our solutions help you to more accurately enable stronger vigilance in detecting crime and more effectively prevent it, ultimately helping you avoid costly fines and reputational damage.
    • GRC – Better leverage risk information and rate issues with a single view across your entire organization. Our solution, built on a centralized platform for monitoring, measuring, and managing risk, provides a common language, approach, and methodology for risk management. You gain greater visibility and control over risk across your business, enabling you to make business decisions in alignment with your strategic objectives and risk tolerance.
    • Liquidity Risk – Effectively monitor, manage and report liquidity risk. Built on a centralized data structure, our comprehensive framework combines a risk management/stress engine with a robust regulatory reporting platform to give you access to the information you need.
    • Market Risk – Conduct consistent and comprehensive assessment of the market changes that could have adverse effects on your business. We provide an integrated view of profit & loss and risk on your balance sheet, from both a risk and a business unit perspective. Based on a centralized data structure specifically designed for financial institutions, our solution takes common pricing models and uses gap analysis and analytical/numerical stress testing analysis to ensure the most reliable results possible.
    • Operational Risk – Manage any facet of risk that may threaten your organization’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives. Our solution automates and simplifies the collection, storage, analysis, tracking and reporting on information relevant to operational losses, risk and control assessments, definition and management of key risk indicators and scenarios to help you better meet and adapt internal operational risk practices.


    • Complaint Management – Keep complaints from turning into regulatory issues and gain insight into your business. We bring content, compliance and technology together in a centralized and automated process that helps organizations of all sizes effectively manage, resolve and report on complaints, turning them from a problem into valuable customer insights.
    • Compliance Program Management – Connect regulatory developments with meaningful interpretation, and efficiently and proactively ensure effective compliance program management, oversight and controls. We provide an integrated compliance management system for managing everything from defining policies and procedures to board reporting, creating a culture of compliance across your organization.
    • Conduct Risk – Manage controls and workflows, covering the key regulatory changes, anti-bribery and anti-corruption programs associated with conduct risk. Our solution connects your operational risk information to a comprehensive risk and control framework, allowing you to pass the use test with click-through from a report on a single event or decision to the risk policy underlying it.
    • Deposit Origination – Address critical needs throughout the deposit workflow. From front-end policy development and training through back-end monitoring and reporting, our solutions are designed to help you comply with regulatory requirements and limit business risks as efficiently as possible when opening and maintaining deposit and tax-advantaged accounts.
    • Employee Compliance – Reduce the risk associated with employee trading, gifts, entertainment and political contribution activities. Our solution automates the surveillance of insider trading by monitoring employee trading and personal account dealings, allowing the compliance department to effectively supervise and review all aspects of Code of Ethics compliance.
    • Insurance Compliance – Address the insurance-specific laws and regulations that impact your business, with insight into relevant changes and tools to help drive the change management process. Connect regulatory developments with meaningful interpretation. Our comprehensive suite of solutions ensures proactive, efficient and effective compliance program management, oversight and controls, as well as the audit trail regulators demand.
    • Lending Origination – Originate loan transactions quickly, accurately and in compliance with federal and state regulations. Our industry-leading documentation, workflow, and credit risk solutions support more loan types than any other provider, including consumer, commercial, residential real estate, agricultural, home equity, indirect and Small Business Administration loans.
    • Policies & Procedures – Ensure your policy manuals are continuously updated and compliant with current regulation. Automate their assembly, revision and distribution with visibility and accountability into the process using our solution. You can easily manage policies and procedures across multiple authors, business units and locations. Our expert-authored content is relied on and trusted by hundreds of financial organizations.
    • Regulatory Analytics – Remain compliant with U.S. banking regulations while reducing the cost and task administration associated with operational compliance processes. Our consulting, software and outsourcing solutions can be leveraged throughout the lending cycle to help your organization remain compliant with stringent regulatory and internal standards.
    • Regulatory Change Management – Track regulatory developments and accountability, model their impact on your organization and gain transparency into your compliance management program. Our solution gives you a holistic view of compliance, instead of as individual projects, allowing you to more efficiently govern, so you can realize savings from more efficient governance and processes, decreased testing and documentation costs, and reduced capital allocations through the rationalization of infrastructure that supports regulated activities.
    • Regulatory Reporting – Improve the accuracy, timeliness, quality and efficiency of your regulatory reporting. Create regulatory and internal reports through a common, standardized data model that harnesses financial intelligence across your enterprise, while addressing the specific requirements of local regulators in more than 50 countries.
    • Regulatory Research & Intelligence – Make informed business decisions. Our solutions provide the up-to-date information you need. Because they connect regulatory developments with meaningful expert-level interpretation, they let you spend less time searching for and stitching together disparate information – and more time managing risk and adding value to the business.
    • Servicing – Get ahead of regulatory changes surrounding default servicing. Our solutions address compliance at a variety of levels, including documentation, workflow, training and research, while ensuring compliance with all appropriate U.S. jurisdictions.
    • Tax Reporting – Meet the complex and stringent obligations associated with cost basis reporting, corporate actions taxability management and fund tax accounting, with minimal impact to your operations. Our award-winning solutions automate the most challenging tax and regulatory compliance reporting requirements, so you can manage your program efficiently and effectively while meeting the needs of your clients.


    • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – Reduce complexity and operational costs while ensuring compliance with IFRS standards. Our solution facilitates reliable reporting, analysis, and overall financial and performance management, so you are able to efficiently access the data you need, as well as generate accounting entries as often as needed for policies and external regulations.
    • Integrated Risk & Finance – Support increasing needs for regulatory reporting and management decision making. Our end-to-end solution suite is built on a central business-oriented data layer to increase efficiency, improve data quality and enable you to take advantage of common risk/finance data and calculations, resulting in greater transparency and trust across your organization.
    • Performance Management – Support your strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting. Our performance management simulations and analytics are built on a common data structure, which allows you to track and manage costs and revenues at all operational levels by product, company division, distribution channel, customer segment, or individual customer – all within a well-defined, yet flexible, accounting environment.
    • Subledger Accounting – Streamline accounting processes and reduce manual changes to guarantee accurate, quality data. Our advanced subledger functionality automates subledger accounting, letting you bridge business and finance to provide clear-cut, reliable information to help management make fully informed business decisions.


    • Internal Audit Management – Spend less time on the process of documenting and reviewing and more time providing value-added service. Our market-leading audit management solutions help improve every facet of your internal audit process, including risk assessment, scheduling, planning, execution, review, report generation, trend analysis, committee reporting and storage.
    • Controls Management – Bring focus to your management and testing of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or any other set of controls you choose to follow or must implement. Our control management solution provides built-in workflows around the assessment, process owner review, testing, documentation, retesting, and certification processes.
    • Data Analytics – Put data analytic capabilities in the hands of your entire department. Our solution provides access to powerful data analysis tools such as gap and duplicate detection and Benford’s testing without extensive training, or to perform tests on various accounting areas, such as payables, receivables, inventory, journals and non-current assets.

    Consulting Practice

    • Our consultants combine innovative thinking with unrivaled first-hand industry knowledge to offer you a wide array of consulting services in all major areas of the financial services industry, including risk management, regulatory compliance, strategy development and operations management. They have a deep understanding of industry and business needs, vast expertise in risk management, intimate knowledge of regulatory agency workings, and valuable insight into regulatory expectations. Our consulting practice offers access to the expertise necessary to compete and thrive in today’s challenging financial services environment. Our professionals are globally dispersed to provide jurisdiction-specific guidance in some of the world’s mo! st important financial centers.

    Wolters Kluwer N.V. (AEX: WKL) is a global leader in information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance and legal sectors. Wolters Kluwer reported 2017 annual revenues of €4.4 billion. The company, headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, serves customers in over 180 countries, maintains operations in over 40 countries and employs 19,000 people worldwide.