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  • Samuel Holle

    Samuel Holle

    Senior Compliance Consulting Analyst, Compliance Center of Excellence

    Samuel Holle is a senior compliance consulting analyst for Wolters Kluwer, where he assists financial institutions in the business and compliance implementation of new software solutions. Holle’s current role focuses on customer relationship management, leading the compliance efforts in the creation and delivery of custom content, and providing mortgage compliance expertise throughout the product implementation.

    Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer, Holle worked as an attorney in the area of securities litigation, as a law clerk in the Complex Litigation department of the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, and as an account manager for a small credit union.

    Holle earned his law degree from the William Mitchell College of Law in Minnesota and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota.

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    Leveraging Machine-Assisted Language Translation to Serve LEP Mortgage Customers
    (Published October 16, 2019) As the number of Limited English Proficiency borrowers grows, lenders are increasingly interested in offering loan documents to support those customers in a compliant manner. In this MReport article, Sam Holle looks at the benefits of automation that machine learning tools are bringing to the U.S. lending sector.
    Deregulation and relaxed enforcement? Tell that to the states!
    (Published March 5, 2019) A growing number of states’ attorneys general and state regulators have taken on increased regulatory activity in exercising their ability to enforce federal law under Dodd-Frank, writes Sam Holle and Therese Kieffer in this ABA Bank Compliance magazine feature. Continued vigilance and due diligence remains critical for financial institutions toward meeting their regulatory obligations.
    10-10 TRID Compliance: Correcting the Closing Disclosure
    (Published February 29, 2016) In this TRID Compliance session, Sue and Sam discuss requirements in correcting errors in the closing disclosure as well as the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) letter to the CFPB and the CFPB’s response to the MBA.
    10-10 TRID Compliance: The Loan Estimate & Disclosing Closing Costs
    (Published December 30, 2015) Although the effective date has come and gone, compliance with the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule is just beginning.  One area raising questions involves the proper disclosure of fees on the Loan Estimate. Sue Burt and Sam Holle, compliance consulting specialists with Wolters Kluwer, discuss in this our first installment of the 10-10 TRID Compliance series.