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Make Your Disclosures Do Your Compliance Work

  • You want to focus on your client. Regulators want you to ensure your disclosures are consistent, comply with current regulations, and are easy for consumers to understand. And now you add constant technology change and consumer engagement evolving, how can you keep up?

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    Make Your Compliance Work for Your Institution

    At Wolters Kluwer, our number one focus is compliance. We’ve created one of the most effective deposit disclosure development processes in the industry, giving you the personal service you need to help you tailor disclosures to your specific policies. In addition to tailoring your content, we have developed programs that provide you the rights to use the content however your institution needs to. 

    Our Deposit Disclosure Solutions include:

    Tailored Disclosure Language

    Through our special Disclosure Development Process, our experienced staff will lead you through a step-by-step interview. We’ll help you determine text for your deposit disclosure based on your policies, as well as state and federal regulatory requirements.

    Multi-jurisdictional documents

    Simplify the number of state specific documents you maintain by utilizing a multi-jurisdictional feature with your tailored content.

    Multiple Mediums

    With our disclosure solutions, you can choose to have your disclosure delivered in a variety of mediums that help meet your operational needs.

    • Electronic Documents: Wolters Kluwer supports multiple file formats designed to be integrated directly into your in-branch, online, and mobile platforms.
    • Printed Disclosures: We will print your disclosure at a special price—exclusive to your program. You may choose from numerous contemporary cover designs or we will print based a custom cover you provide.
    • Local Print License:  If you prefer to print your own disclosures, no problem, your local printer or statement provider can use Wolters Kluwer's warranted compliance language in any disclosure, statement, or notice you send to your customers.

    Ongoing Compliance Monitoring and Updates

    Upon your request and direction, we will update an electronic file of your disclosure at no additional charge during your subscription period.

    Access to Product Support 

    You’ll receive access to our toll-free product support line to quickly answer compliance regulation questions that affect your disclosure.

    Industry-Leading Warranty

    Our disclosure language is backed by our industry-leading product warranty.

    Consistent Language

    By using our Deposit Disclosure Program, you can take comfort knowing that your disclosure language is consistent across delivery methods—printed disclosures for the lobby, disclosures displayed on your web site, used in your Online Account Opening system, and mobile environments.

    Spanish-Language Disclosures

    To help you meet the changing market demographics, we can also provide your disclosure language in Spanish. (Additional fees may apply to translate any non-Wolters Kluwer language to Spanish.)

    Change Notices

    To assist you in managing your current customer’s disclosures, we offer multiple change notice documents that you can use to ensure all of your customers have received the most current disclosure information regarding your products and services.